On which operating systems or devices work?

Vox4all is supported on the platforms: Android and iOS.

Android phone or tablet

The Android version can be purchased directly from the online store of Imagina. Send an email to info@imagina.pt and meet all the advantages.

You can also buy Vox4all directly through Google Play on your device (you can click on the picture above, where you have the direct link to the Google Play store), or through the store Imagina.

It works on operating system Android versions 3.XX and 4.xx.

In 5.XX version you will need to use the device speech synthesis or recorded voice.

iPad or iPhone (iOS)

The Vox4all can only be purchased through your device by going directly to the Apple Store (you can click on the picture above where you have the direct link to the Apple Store).

On iOS versions greater than 8.1. you can not guarantee the operation of the version 1.2., but only of the version 2.0.

Smartphone or tablet Windows Phone, Windows 8:10

Although we are working with Microsoft to get a Windows version, incompatibilities between successive versions have not allowed us to have a stable version. This is a known problem that will only be solved in version 2.5 of Vox4all.

What is the system of symbols used in Vox4all?

Vox4all integrates Symbolinc symbol set for literacy and inclusion, completly developed by Imagina.

This system is being developed in partnership with several institutions and intends to be simple, universal and adequate to the relaity of the Portuguese Language community.

It also allows the download and use of ARASAAC symbol set for free.


Note: The previous version of Vox4all (1.2.) included Widgit Literacy Symbols.

What is the difference between the versions Vox4all and Vox4all PT

These versions were available only until version 1.2.

From version 2.0, Vox4all includes 4 languages: Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR), English (UK), Castilian (Spanish).


The difference is in the available languages:

Vox4all - Includes the languages: Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR), English (UK), Castilian (Spanish).

Vox4all PT - Includes the languages: Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR), English (UK).

All examples are included and the complete set of symbols are available in 3 languages. To change the language, simply access the settings.

Who is directed?

Is directed to autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or other conditions that prevent the verbal and non-verbal communication, such as post-surgery, hospitalizations, stroke...

Replaces with advantage traditional low-tech communication devices.

It is also recommended for those who need custom activities and resources for learning in the school environment or other.

What are the main features of Vox4all?

Vox4all® offers multiple adjustable features for each user:

  • 4 Available languages - English (EN), Spanish (SP), Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR)
  • Symbolinc - Imagina symbols for literacy and inclusion
  • Compatibility for using ARASAAC symbols for free.
  • Fast reply menu for “Yes/No”.
  • Unlimited number of grids and personalized cells with images, symbols, photographs, text, voice and different colors.
  • Communication grids according to the therapeutic needs or contextualized with the environment where the user is located.
  • Voice recording, creating bonds of proximity between the user.
  • Incorporated Text to Speech (TTS) (*).
  • Touch time setting.
  • Direct and reveres scanning.
  • Multilingual grids creation with voices from different languages;
  • Helping tips simple and intuitive.

(*) Android - Uses 1 voice from Acapela or any voice installed in your device

(*) Several voices from Acapela available as in app purchase.

Can I buy a tablet with Vox4all installed?

This option is only available for Portugal.

Vox4all has instructions for use?

Yes, it has!

You can access the manual inside the application itself or find it for download in the Docs tab of this website.

We recommend reading the manual so you can get the most out of Vox4all.

What research evidence supports Vox4all?

The planning and development of Vox4all is supported by an intense research work, powered by creating partnerships with several Portuguese and Brazilian institutions, among which:

  • APPACDM - Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Disabled Citizen of Coimbra
  • APCC - Cerebral Palsy Association of Coimbra 
  • Child Development Center of the Pediatric Hospital of Coimbra
  • CDC do Hospital Garcia da Orta
  • APPDA - Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism of Coimbra
  • LabAssistiva - Assistive Technology Laboratory of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • APAE de Cascavel

These partnerships offer access to a large knowledge and sharing network, made of professionals and customers, but also of relatives. Are perfect settings to test the application in real life environments, allowing us to improve and work on new features and approaches.

There are several articles published and approved by national and international scientific communities, about Vox4all project.

Who cooperated in Vox4all development?

Vox4all was developed by Imagine® under the TOP QX Project - Everyone can Learn Anytime and Anywhere!

This project was co-funded by Imagina and Mais Centro - Programa Operacional Regional do Centro: CENTRO-07-0202-FEDER-022839.